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September 2017


 Unjumble your language

 In my September blog I offer one big tip for making communincation clearere: cut out the jargon!

I had a lovely August vacation, and am back at work at client stes and in my home studio. You can come work with me at my fall Executive Communications Skills: One-Day Blitz! More info here.

Tips you can use!
Don't hold your breath!
Breath-holding is a natural impulse while listening in situations like high-stakes meetings where you may be stressed or nervous. But it takes you out of the moment so you can't be an active listener. Breathe and connect.


Be picture perfect
Most postures that are good for photographs are inimical to good speaking. Any number of artful poses that work for still shots won't project ease, much less authority, when you speak. Stand tall, with a properly aligned spine and weight on both feet, and you'll convey the energy of your message. Then if a candid is taken while you're speaking, it will show you at your best: animated and engaged.


Use colorful words
After you've tapped your vibrant vocabulary to craft your speech or talking points, use color in a more practical way: to help with your organizational flow. Print your notes using different colored fonts for each main point. You'll stay focused as you visually track your text.