July/August 2017
Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 5:47 PM
Ann Timmons

 The expressive self

My July/August blog describes an important lesson we can learn about speaking from watching great acting.

Soon I will be enjoying my August vacation, so my next Executive Communications Skills: One-Day Blitz! will be in SeptemberMore info here.

Tips you can use!

Getting to know you...
Do you dread the networking portion of an event when you have to introduce yourself to—gasp!—strangers? It will be less dreadful if you think of it as a real opportunity to connect. Don't lead with your title and business; use your precious seconds to give a glimpse of what makes you special (in a work-safe way, of course!). People do business with other people, not workplaces.

Always be breathing! No matter how relaxed you are at the beginning, or even mid-way through your speech, the possibility of speaker's nerves overtaking you looms large until you have left the building. Keep breathing—deeply—throughout, and you'll keep those nerves at bay. Write a reminder on your notes if you have to; no one else will ever know!

Dress codes: "Not dead yet!"
Strange as we may find it, some workplaces still have dress codes. Bosses want to maintain a professional atmosphere. I get it. But I also know it is tempting to wear less as the weather gets steamy. So remember to check those codes and be mindful of the prevailing norms at your office. Layering is always a good strategy, so keep a nice but neutral sweater or blazer on hand, as well as shoes that cover more than they reveal.


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